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Looking for the perfect SMS Solution?

Tallywebsolutions has a wide range of SMS solutions and product features developed to meet all of your SMS messaging needs. Use the prompts below to select the SMS solution that suits your needs.


In the mobile age, consumers are constantly on the move and rely heavily on their phones for majority of their communication need. Tallywebsolutions taps into this highly effective communication medium and provides various SMS Service. Our services help to improve support and aid in marketing. With our SMS service you can send

Transactional SMS - It is best way to inform the customer at the right time in a real time. With the increasing customer service expectation, it becomes necessary to inform the customer for every event or any anticipated event. Transactional SMS assist in communicating the information to the right set of customer in real time, and the main benefit of transactional bulk SMS is that it can be sent 24/7. 

Use Case - E-commerce companies send SMS for every event after customer place an order, banks send SMS for every transaction etc. These are just few use cases, transactional SMS is used across industry for varied scenarios.

Promotional SMS - As the name suggest a promotional SMS is sent with the purpose of marketing. It is the most preferred channel for promoting a new product or a service, it is also a cost effective way to increase awareness about new offering within a second just by click of a button.
The critical element of a successful SMS campaign is measuring all key metrics, 
Tallywebsolutions provide all the required metrics to measure your promotional SMS campaign

Bulk SMS - Bulk SMS or SMS blast is broadcast of large numbers of SMS messages to a targeted population. It is used by businesses, marketing agencies, government agencies, NGO and brand managers. 

Use Case - Educational institutes use the channel to inform all the parents about an event, hospitals use it for an awareness campaign , government leverage the channel for alert and awareness like natural calamity or any emergency.
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